Sunday, July 31, 2005



31 July-

Hmm... I really believe in this saying (down). It has such a profound impact on you. And thanks to Mridul for the idea of using symbols.
Umm, actually she dint suggest it but I kinda figured out how she does these types of things. So now you can’t accuse me of copying. Cuz I already have your permission. Like I’d really care even if I dint. But hey! At least I did the polite thing.

Ĭƒ ů ĻōVĔ şőMěŧĦiʼnĢ $Ёŧ ıT fřËë

¡F iŤ ćõMêŚ Bǻĉĸ †ό Уόύ їţ Ї§ ЎΌΰŕ$

Ĭƒ !Ť ĐőŚêŋŧ їT NĔvëŕ ẁǺŞ

Anyways, July ends and I can’t say its been pure bliss. Yeah, right, the opposite of that!
Well gotta go. You won’t believe the amount of homework I’ve got to finish. These schoolwallas! I could on and on about them. But then that’s another story...

Friday, July 29, 2005



27 July-

Umm, before I type the asked ”questions” I would just like to say that I’m way too young to be tagged but what the hell lets get it over and done with.

Caution: Contains some questions which could be offensive to the reader.

Three Names You Go By:

Yeah right. What’s the point? Well no need to further deliberate the point. Let me just go ahead and answer the question.
My identity is solely based on these names

Soviet Union

Three screen names:

Soviet Union


Three Physical Things You Like About Yourself:


Three things that scare me:

A fiery temper
People who can do anything to achieve their goals
The new viruses which attack the computer oh-so-frequently

Three things I want in a relationship:

no offense but too young to have one yet !

Three statements about you which are not all true or all false:

**I’m this TOTAL do-gooder
**I’m gung-ho on Harry Potter
**Afraid of competition (but am counted as one anyway)

Three physical things about the opposite sex that appeals to me:

No offense but cant answer that question either and even if I had to tell you, I wouldn’t! I don’t wanna let this out.

Three things I want to do badly right now:

Chat with friends
Read a book
Listen to music
** (can’t do any of those btw) **

Three places I want to go on a vacation:


Three kids’ names I like:


Three things to do before I die:

Become a successful journalist
Form my own music band

Three essentials in my day to day:

Listening to music

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Evil? I am.

26 July-

Huh. Was randomly typing blog addresses in the address bar and checking out blogs (its amazing that TOTALLY weird names have such amazing blogs!!) when discovered this on a blog. I feel like pasting it here and letting everyone know that FINALLY someone has appreciated my creativity. (Though that’s the idea). Check out what you are and don’t blame me if it turns out you’re some horrible creepy creature from the past. Hahahahaha! Revenge is sweet…

P.S. - uh... Not in what you would call a pleasant mood.

P.P.S- when informed my friend about the ‘gloomy” mood she just laughed in this evil way and said-“when are YOU ever happy and NOT grouchy?” umm…hello…I don’t at all agree with that sentence. When was the last time I was happy? Umm….yeah…that’d be on my birthday. You know what; it was a really good question!

Monday, July 25, 2005



25 July-
Can I just take a moment to say "WHEW"!! Thank God she dint have to go to the hospital. Geez. Shouldn’t she have NOT done this?? I nearly had a coronary when she informed she was being hospitalized. Hah! Must remember never to trust her again on matters concerning this.

Now shifting to a new topic, today our class was taken for an interaction with the nursery children. Can I just point out the fact that they are WAY boring? Really. I swear in heaven's name I wasn’t so dull when I was in Nursery Grade. Guess it all depends on the child's personality o'course.

Sunday, July 24, 2005


Bachke Rehna Re Baba Mallika Se...

24 July-

Let’s sum up the week with 1 word: disastrous. Really. This time I’m not exaggerating.

First of all, I got my Sanskrit marks and was surprised to see I did really badly in the test.

Hey, no sweat. I dint flunk. Still, I was in one of the top 12 which, let me tell you, was not good. Very inexperienced at this, actually. On top of that, my friend suddenly got major ill and had to be taken to the clinic. When I inquired about her health (through email) she informed me that she was going to be hospitalized for; GET THIS: 15 DAYS. (Unless, of course, she’s pulling a fast one over me. She DOES love doing that. But this time I really sincerely hope she’s fibbing.) I’m praying for your speedy recovery.

Don’t worry there’s a lot more for your wetted appetite. Hmm, so what next? Oh, yeah. I fought with my friend AGAIN! I’m beginning to feel that this is a daily process and if I don’t do something very quickly I’ll not be on speaking terms with her.

And the cherry on the topping would have to be Bachke Rehna Re Baba. What a lousy film!! No wonder, that MMS on Mallika circulated. She sure gives the kind of impression of a person who’s only working in the movies for body-showing and money-earning.

Disgraceful and a shame to the common woman.

I personally feel that she’s different from all the skanks by just ONE thing: her boldness. Seriously. She’s way TOO bold and honest.

And in the end, if that won’t help you survive, then I don’t what will.

P.S.- Happy Belated Birthday to Daniel Radcliffe.

Thursday, July 21, 2005


"That is just wrong"...

21 July-

Is being narrow minded the culture of Indians or are they born that way? Or perhaps, is that trait inculcated in the child by the family itself?

I am surprised by the fact that people are so shallow in their ways of thinking that they can’t differ between right and wrong. For instance, being friends with a boy doesn’t have to mean that you are romantically involved with him. And having a crush is FINE. I don’t understand why people don’t get this.

Recently I overheard my classmates talking about how “he” likes “her” and that it’s all wrong and that you’re not supposed to like anyone at least until the age of 19. Hello?? What are all of us supposed to do till then?? Die of boredom??

I strongly recommend that people who have such thinking should go in for counseling and learn to be positive. We don’t want weirdo’s going on ad nauseam about meaningless issues, do we?

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Appreciating People

20 July-

Why the hell does it have to be that we appreciate people ONLY when they are out of our lives? Do we realize that they weren’t that bad as they were made out to be or do we simply feel that now that the person is away for good we gotta pay respect to their memory by thinking kindly of them?

Hell, I’ rather have the said person there and bitch whole heartedly about them then feel remorse AND guilty at all the unkind things I said about them AFTER they’ve gone.

Think about it. Which option would you rather choose? In my case it would have to be the former. I mean, none can hold up a candle to that spiteful feeling called “guilt”. Just think what would happen if you were saddled with BOTH guilt and remorse? I’d be a wreck. But then, that’s just my opinion of course.

Sunday, July 17, 2005


Evil Triumphs Once Again...

17 July-

I can’t believe this and as I type I still can’t understand why I feel remorse. It’s only a story, even though gripping, powerful and mind-blowing, JUST a story. Apparently, my brain wishes to overlook that fact.

Someone, inevitably, was to die in the 6th HP. It just had to happen. And Jo chose Dumbledore. The wisest, kindest and most giving person in the plot to be eliminated. DID IT HAVE TO HAPPEN??? Did she have to eliminate wise old Gandalf (as I always called him lovingly)??Seriously, I loved Dumbledore as a person. I mean, you introduce me to a human being like that and I would be stuck to him faster than you can say the word GROSS. He was just so giving as a person and expected nothing of people and always believed in giving them a second chance. Did it have to be that his judgmental abilities had to be incorrect? Did the story have to end with the fact that evil triumphs over the good always? And that kind people are at all times taken for granted and considered as losers?

I know you may think that I’m wacked out and getting so emotional about a fictional character but believe me for me, he is not that. For me, he is a man who looked beyond family background, who imparted education in a manner of eating desert and who forgave people, even those who had hurt him (physically and mentally).

It is he ,who even though a mere character in a book, taught me that our life depends on the way we choose our destiny and there is nothing to gain by being evil.

This implies to everyone out there: being cruel isn’t exactly reaping us any awards. Although, just by being good and kind you can change the entire perspective of a person.

I feel that a Dumbledore exists in all of us and will continue to for eternity.

May your soul RIP Dumbledore!

P.S.- To all the lousy idiots who think I’m being sentimental, get a life. Oh, and stop interfering into mine. And, incidentally, you might wanna read HP.

Saturday, July 16, 2005


HT plays for a sucker!

16 July- Well. Another merry -go- round trip. Salman Khan involved in a controversy once AGAIN. God, when is this all going to stop? Seriously, why listen to tapes that are four years old? And why can’t you just leave the poor guy alone? Who even has proof that it’s his voice? I mean, it could be forgery! But that seems unlikely.

Anyways even if he has done this, HT should have broken this piece of news long ago. Why do it now when the guy’s career is going great guns??

And even though I take umbrage at the Salman issue I’m surprised at the fact that Aishwarya was actually worried about him. But I guess that love does that to you. All I can say is that this culminates in one thing: the bollywoodians sure wouldn’t be giving many interviews to HT. Seriously. TOI should seize this opportunity and move in for the kill!

P.S. - HP RELEASES!!! Yippee!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005



"If you cant make mistakes, you cant make anything."
--Martha Collins

Well in that case I seem to be making everything!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


I : Selfish, Me: Selfish, Myself: Selfish.

5 July-

Why is it that everyday that there are surprising facts unveiled in my life? If this continues, I might have to declare July as the UNANTICIPATED NEWS month of the year. Really.

Understanding strikes! All this while, I was selfish and being all “me, me, me” in my friendship with said friend. I can finally get an opportunity to tell her “now I know why you’ve been so mean these past weeks”.

I confessed to being guilty and do you know what she said?? “I’ve got used to it now”. In a dejected tone. God, this is physiologically impossible. SHE NEVER ACTS DEJECTED!! Infact she maintains the ‘I’m strong” attitude.

Another thing, my friends say that I maintain this cool dude behavior. Yeah right. I am so cool and calculated that I was just about to lose a good friend!

God, am I mental or what??

P.S. - Remix lovers, you just gotta see today’s episode. The intensity between Yuvraj and Anvesha was mind-blowing!!

Sunday, July 03, 2005



3 July-

I’m astounded by the realization that I’m actually a scaredy cat. I so can’t believe this. I mean, my friends are perpetually advising and (occasionally) taunting me about this fact. I won’t do the complex yet terrifying dares and I’m actually scared of the teachers. HELLO?? What happened to being cool and don’t-carish???

My friends say that the day I actually pull off “THE DARE” (read: a stupid dare that I wouldn’t admit to anyone! So it has to be serious, right?) They’d forge my parent’s signatures on my report card to repay me for the admirable deed.

Yea right. Keep on waiting you friend-turned-foes. Its never gonna happen.

Take today for instance. I was performing the morning ablutions when unexpectedly I heard the “tweet-tweet” of a sparrow. Many people like birds. I don’t. Many people like kids. I don’t. Does that make me disgusting? Then disgusting I am. Anyways, you won’t believe what that accursed bird did. Get this: it flew right in my room!!

I mean, imagine a bird hater seeing one in his\her room. It’s like their worst nightmare.

The dratted thing just kept on flying and tweeting frantically and hysterically. On top of that, it started going near the fan. Doesn’t that bird have the freaking common sense that it can get fanned alive?

I’m sure if that bird borrowed my voice for a day it would have been screaming-“you stupid human!? Cant you see, I was so happy and you had to come”

Excuse me, stupid bird; do you realize who you’re messing with? THE BIRD HATER. I’m gonna scrape all those pretty feathers off if you play hanky panky with me.

But, in reality, I was scared. Can you imagine?? Of a bird?? I should go in for therapy!!

Well ok not scared more like terrified. Wait, that’s not exactly helping matters, huh?

P.S. - The word hate is just a way of dramatizing this blog. I really don’t hate anyone. Damn it, I don’t even know the meaning of hate.

P.P.S- As usual, I was exaggerating. I was not scared. More like angry at the pesky thing for even showing up in the first place.

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