Sunday, July 17, 2005


Evil Triumphs Once Again...

17 July-

I can’t believe this and as I type I still can’t understand why I feel remorse. It’s only a story, even though gripping, powerful and mind-blowing, JUST a story. Apparently, my brain wishes to overlook that fact.

Someone, inevitably, was to die in the 6th HP. It just had to happen. And Jo chose Dumbledore. The wisest, kindest and most giving person in the plot to be eliminated. DID IT HAVE TO HAPPEN??? Did she have to eliminate wise old Gandalf (as I always called him lovingly)??Seriously, I loved Dumbledore as a person. I mean, you introduce me to a human being like that and I would be stuck to him faster than you can say the word GROSS. He was just so giving as a person and expected nothing of people and always believed in giving them a second chance. Did it have to be that his judgmental abilities had to be incorrect? Did the story have to end with the fact that evil triumphs over the good always? And that kind people are at all times taken for granted and considered as losers?

I know you may think that I’m wacked out and getting so emotional about a fictional character but believe me for me, he is not that. For me, he is a man who looked beyond family background, who imparted education in a manner of eating desert and who forgave people, even those who had hurt him (physically and mentally).

It is he ,who even though a mere character in a book, taught me that our life depends on the way we choose our destiny and there is nothing to gain by being evil.

This implies to everyone out there: being cruel isn’t exactly reaping us any awards. Although, just by being good and kind you can change the entire perspective of a person.

I feel that a Dumbledore exists in all of us and will continue to for eternity.

May your soul RIP Dumbledore!

P.S.- To all the lousy idiots who think I’m being sentimental, get a life. Oh, and stop interfering into mine. And, incidentally, you might wanna read HP.

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