Friday, March 10, 2006


Varanasi blasts and more...

Status : Yea I'm back. But there are more important things to talk about. So lets forge on...
Latest Happenings : The blasts that took place in Varanasi. One good word to describe my emotions : furious. Yes, furious. How can you become so low and burst bombs in a holy city? And that too, near a temple. For God's sake, it was insane. Over 20 people are dead and I presume the number of people injured is even higher. After all of this, Varanasi is still as peaceful as ever and it leads me to believe that because the Indian people are so used to attacks, bomb blasts and other unaccountable crimes ( eg 1 being the blasts in Delhi on Diwali, itself) they just bounce back with a resilience, which needs to be admired, and life carries on. I don't know if this is good or bad for us. You decide.
Reading this made me disgusted. I can't even write about the atrocities inflicted on people by the Americans. When will they stop?
I want to try out MS Paint Professional 8, which still isn't installed on my computer. Even though it's difficult I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. Anybody Listening? Hint hint!
I also got my report card today. WHOOP~!!!! I did well (as compared to what the estimated percentage was gonna be) and I'm in the same section! AND I have my friends with me! Yippee! I wont broadcast my marks to the world here but if I've whetted your curiosity a bit too much, then you can always email me :).
My park friends and I are engaging in mindless activities like pelting strangers with water balloons and then hiding. What can that be called? Hiding from the scene of the crime, maybe? Hmm...
Adios till next time!
~! Soven !~
P.S.-- If there are any spelling mistakes, kindly ignore them. And if you don't notice any, I'll hand you an ice cream cone. Free of charge ;).


Wednesday, March 08, 2006



Status : Yes~ I am FINALLY back after a long "break". If you can call studying a break. I was down with serious "bloggers" block. Its the kind that just sticks for a while. :D.
Latest Happenings :I've entered into my teen year! Whoa. Its so totally not what I expected. Actually, life is pretty much the same. I'm surprised at how normal it is. Too normal. The aquarian in me is already getting restless.
Just a note to say I'm back. I'll be sure to update! Till next time then....

~! Soven !~
P.S. -- Check this site out... Till then I would surely have posted again! ;).
P.P.S -- Dunno how large/small the font can get so sorry if it gets a bit difficult to read.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


To realize the value of…

To realize the value of
1 year : Ask a student who failed a grade
1 month: Ask a waiter who is waiting for his salary day
1 week: Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper
1 hour: Ask a man who's waiting at the airport for his family
1 minute: Ask a person who missed the train
1 second: Ask the person who just avoided an accident
1 millisecond: Ask an athlete who misses the Gold Medal in the Olympics

I dont know why this touched me. But it just did.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I miss you

Yesterday was my Grandfather's birthday. I composed a short simple poem and it is solely dedicated to his memory :

I think of you as a carefree soul
Cheerily striding towards the gateway of heaven
I remember the way you used to call my name
Anxiously waiting for me to reply, for me to give a sign
You weren't weak, you didn't cling
All you asked for was for us to be there
If we could hold your hand through the dark times, if we could re-assure you gently
I feel pained you never got the love you deserved
Still in the end you left us with a smile on your face
That smile it had hidden emotions - fear anger frustraition and
You would finally be loved, you would finally be held, you would finally be comforted
And now I think of you as a carefree soul
I utter my heartfelt prayer
Please forgive us

12 December 2005

Saturday, December 10, 2005



=)) ...
Special mention : Please read the comments... hilariously brilliant!
P.S.- Any orthodox persons are strictly advised NOT to read this post

Saturday, November 26, 2005


19- 25 November: The Ultra cool week

19 November- This was seriously an extraordinary day for me! One of my best friends, Akriti, celebrated her birthday on this day and as a treat took us to see Harry Potter 4. The day started with her IM’ing me and promising that today would rock. I reprimanded her for even thinking that I needed reassuring .
“The day is gonna bounce aki!”
She responded by saying “Great minds think alike”.
And the day TOTALLY did rock. Mom dropped me to her house and then me and some friends were driven all the way to Noida where the movie hall was located. Ate at McDonalds and I must say the quality of the food has improved superbly. We chomped down everything that was in sight and engaged in girly talks. After that we headed to Archies where all of us basically gushed at the expensive items on display.
The movie, I was disappointed to note, didn’t give me a thrill like the other 3 had. So, we decided to amuse ourselves by throwing popcorn at my friends and then ducking. ;). In all it was the perfect outing. Thanks a million Aki! *hugs Akriti till she chokes* :D

20-21 November-
was grumpy at LOST ending. The serial finished with so many questions unanswered. But the actors were astounding! Hope they all get an award for the series.
22 November- My class has the reputation of the most naughtiest intelligent class of the year. A bunch of us heard the co-ordinator (aka the V.I.P of our school) grudgingly remark to our class teacher-“This class is so naughty. It’s a wonder they’re so intelligent. We cant even comment on how dumb they are because there simply isn’t any. Dumbness I mean.” Muhahahahaha! We are the Devil incarnates after all.
23 November- Mom left for Egypt today. Will miss her a lot. Have a safe trip mom.
24 November- “ You laugh because I’m different. I laugh because you’re all the same.”
25 November-
I am unsettled. Certain things have occurred that are just too much for me to handle at once…Why do I goof up and make mistakes all the time?

Monday, November 14, 2005


No need for enemies when you have me as a friend

14 November 2005

“It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ah… so true! How I pity those unfortunate fools who have the misfortune of being called my friends. Hehe…

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