Saturday, November 26, 2005


19- 25 November: The Ultra cool week

19 November- This was seriously an extraordinary day for me! One of my best friends, Akriti, celebrated her birthday on this day and as a treat took us to see Harry Potter 4. The day started with her IM’ing me and promising that today would rock. I reprimanded her for even thinking that I needed reassuring .
“The day is gonna bounce aki!”
She responded by saying “Great minds think alike”.
And the day TOTALLY did rock. Mom dropped me to her house and then me and some friends were driven all the way to Noida where the movie hall was located. Ate at McDonalds and I must say the quality of the food has improved superbly. We chomped down everything that was in sight and engaged in girly talks. After that we headed to Archies where all of us basically gushed at the expensive items on display.
The movie, I was disappointed to note, didn’t give me a thrill like the other 3 had. So, we decided to amuse ourselves by throwing popcorn at my friends and then ducking. ;). In all it was the perfect outing. Thanks a million Aki! *hugs Akriti till she chokes* :D

20-21 November-
was grumpy at LOST ending. The serial finished with so many questions unanswered. But the actors were astounding! Hope they all get an award for the series.
22 November- My class has the reputation of the most naughtiest intelligent class of the year. A bunch of us heard the co-ordinator (aka the V.I.P of our school) grudgingly remark to our class teacher-“This class is so naughty. It’s a wonder they’re so intelligent. We cant even comment on how dumb they are because there simply isn’t any. Dumbness I mean.” Muhahahahaha! We are the Devil incarnates after all.
23 November- Mom left for Egypt today. Will miss her a lot. Have a safe trip mom.
24 November- “ You laugh because I’m different. I laugh because you’re all the same.”
25 November-
I am unsettled. Certain things have occurred that are just too much for me to handle at once…Why do I goof up and make mistakes all the time?

Love your blog, baby. Carry on blogging, and be happy.

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