Sunday, April 17, 2005

note :The blog earlier was written on 16\4\05 and was abot the entire two weeks.

Today, the 17, was a boring yet thought provoking day. My dad has written two new fantabulous poems, Greenland and Pygmy Country. Both are par excellence. Do check them out at

My friend, Rhea, celebrated her birthday today. The party was fun but at the same time there were too many people and it was very crowded, though the food and warmth made up for it all.

It’s so true that you only realize who your true friends are in your time of need.


It’s been a long time since I wrote my blog. It was quite rude of me but it’s just that I had such a hectic schedule and there was soo much to catch up on that I just, well, you know lost it. It takes a big person to admit they are wrong. That’s what my mother always told me.

But considering that my friends are the shortest people I have ever seen that statement, at least in their case, is WRONG, WRONG AND WRONG. Do you ever get that feeling when you know you’re being used but at the same time are totally clueless as to what to do? That seems to be my case, till now anyway. I don’t think I mentioned, but just last month my section was changed. As in, being in VII-E I was now in VII-H. It’ll be interesting for you to know that I was very attached to it as my friends of seven years were in that section and I, on being informed of this, dint even shed a single tear? At first, anyway. The grief was so bad that my brain refused to function. I was certain that if they (the teacher’s staff) dint change my section back I was going to die. It’s sick, I know, this weakness I had for them. But that’s the way I am, I guess!

It would further interest you to know that the people whom I cared so passionately about were not even concerned. Don’t get me wrong. They were all melodramatic the first day or so. But I guess it was obvious even to me that they just dint care. My love addled brain finally registered the fact that the people whom I thought of as friends were cool with the idea of me being away. Forget cool, they were almost happy! No one to rebuke them for their wrong actions, to lecture them on the importance of studying, to hand out free advice on any matter. Well, something like that can really destroy a person. Even if you are the coldest person alive, if it hits you that the people you even remotely cared about don’t share the same mutual feelings, the said person will be in a state of despair. E.g. - me. At least I had one of my best friends to share my sorrow (Mishika Bajpai who had been transferred to the same section). She is not much of a person to show feelings but even she was affected by it.

My condition is really pathetic; my supposed best friends are now regularly bunking and not attending classes and becoming friends with the not so nice kids. And, till now, who had prevented them from doing wrong, standing there in their path like a thorn? Oh, Soven of course. What better opportunity than to dismiss her as a by-stander, pay less than required attention towards her? I realize now that it is these facts of life that make men tough and more open to facing decisions.

P.S. - I know this blog is full of morbid thoughts but I think taking out your depression by doing something creative is loads better than just moping around feeling weepy the whole day.

P.P.S. - I can’t find the words to show my gratitude for all that Mishika’s ever done for me. I just want to thank her and tell her that she is the best friend who ever lived.

P.P.P.S. - wait, don’t go! There’s still a little portion of blog that is really old but what the heck let me get it published anyway since I went to the trouble of writing it. This was written on the 4\4\05. The following below contains matter that is about Lakme Fashion House.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been writing this … with so many things happening around me all at once I was exhausted. A major announcement that I would like to do is this: Shehzad, one of Lakme fashion house’s six contestants has won the trip to Milan!!! Yes! I am so glad for him…he was a guy who truly deserved it…and on top of that he is soo humble! I guess that’s what I like in a person, however great a work they’ve done, whatever fantastic feat they pulled off, but if they are humble then it is a quality which is very rare. And that quality is possessed by Shehzad.

Also, the teen serial (Remix) is getting better and better everyday! Its popularity is like Charmed but minus all Alyssa Milano’s heroisms.

The only drawback, so far, is the death of the pope. He was a very good guy and the world lost a great human being on the 2\4\05.May his soul RIP. Lots more to come…but till then SAYONARA!

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