Saturday, October 08, 2005


Earthquake hits Nothern India!

8 October

Geex! It was the usual nothing-can-go-wrong morning for me when all that had to ruin my day was this earthquake. And that too early in the morning when the sun is shining brightly and the birds are chirping happily in the sky. At 9:25 AM. Yea right. Perfect timing God. I mean, on top of Tsunami’s and Katrina’s and Rita’s we had to have an Earthquake. How about me labeling it as Earthquake Ravan? PJ I know but this is way too much… there are way too many unnatural disasters happening in this world.
This earthquake was
epicentred in Muzaffarabad in Pakistan and measures 7.6 on the Richter scale (last time I checked).
More than 1000 people have died in
Pakistan and something around 250 in Jammu.
Well this is terrible.

A no of friends called me up asking worriedly how I was and if there’d been any damage done. My IM buddies from Bangalore, Kolkata and Mumbai all IM’d me, their angst clearly showing in the messages.
I related how I had been dozing off when my parents worriedly called me to “GET UP FAST!” Well me, being the cranky person I am, wouldn’t budge and just shouted back irately –“Lemme sleep! I never get my beauty sleep and now that I have the chance I’m going to take FULL advantage of it.” Normally my mom would have been really annoyed but this time she just shouted back “Oh God we felt an earthquake right now! Come quickly”
Well of course I jumped off the bed in a manner I wouldn’t particularly be proud to show off in front of my peers and rushed to the balcony where all 4 of us (me, my maid, dad and mom) just stood and surveyed the whole neighborhood standing in their balconies shouting at the top of their voices. Seeing them all there was actually kinda comforting.

Now that I think about it, we were lucky. One of my friend’s lives in a building on the seventh floor and her family and she all had to run down as fast as they could since “the buildings were swinging wildly. I felt as if they would collapse any minute”. One even commented how lucky we were to not have been in school since “there would have been a stampede for sure”. Surprisingly, one of my close friends was there at school! Yet, she says she dint feel anything. Thank God.

To broach a much pleasanter topic than the above mentioned (wait, though, is it really pleasant?) they’ll be wedding bells for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Well when I read this my instant reaction was: “AAAAAARGH!!! Tom is getting married! To Katie!!”
Not that that's such a bad thing but still... Me is shocked!

Katie's a really nice sweet girl but to handle Tom Cruise she has to be something... dynamic, ya know? Me doesn’t think she is that... But then I could be wrong! Geex... Who is moi to comment on their relationship

Dad has finally allowed the presence of animals (mainly cats and dogs) in our house. Mom seems to be gung-ho on getting a basset hound. Personally, I wouldn’t mind a beagle. But as mom puts it “basset hounds are just so much cuter with their floppier ears and long love-me-please- kind of eyes”

Even though I’ve been a little late in informing you people about this, we have the arrival of 3 goldfishes in our house. Dad, being the creative and enormously funny character that he is, has named them Mary, Louise and Sarah. Hehe. Way to go dad!

That’s all for now… till then sayonara!

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