Friday, March 10, 2006


Varanasi blasts and more...

Status : Yea I'm back. But there are more important things to talk about. So lets forge on...
Latest Happenings : The blasts that took place in Varanasi. One good word to describe my emotions : furious. Yes, furious. How can you become so low and burst bombs in a holy city? And that too, near a temple. For God's sake, it was insane. Over 20 people are dead and I presume the number of people injured is even higher. After all of this, Varanasi is still as peaceful as ever and it leads me to believe that because the Indian people are so used to attacks, bomb blasts and other unaccountable crimes ( eg 1 being the blasts in Delhi on Diwali, itself) they just bounce back with a resilience, which needs to be admired, and life carries on. I don't know if this is good or bad for us. You decide.
Reading this made me disgusted. I can't even write about the atrocities inflicted on people by the Americans. When will they stop?
I want to try out MS Paint Professional 8, which still isn't installed on my computer. Even though it's difficult I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. Anybody Listening? Hint hint!
I also got my report card today. WHOOP~!!!! I did well (as compared to what the estimated percentage was gonna be) and I'm in the same section! AND I have my friends with me! Yippee! I wont broadcast my marks to the world here but if I've whetted your curiosity a bit too much, then you can always email me :).
My park friends and I are engaging in mindless activities like pelting strangers with water balloons and then hiding. What can that be called? Hiding from the scene of the crime, maybe? Hmm...
Adios till next time!
~! Soven !~
P.S.-- If there are any spelling mistakes, kindly ignore them. And if you don't notice any, I'll hand you an ice cream cone. Free of charge ;).


Wednesday, March 08, 2006



Status : Yes~ I am FINALLY back after a long "break". If you can call studying a break. I was down with serious "bloggers" block. Its the kind that just sticks for a while. :D.
Latest Happenings :I've entered into my teen year! Whoa. Its so totally not what I expected. Actually, life is pretty much the same. I'm surprised at how normal it is. Too normal. The aquarian in me is already getting restless.
Just a note to say I'm back. I'll be sure to update! Till next time then....

~! Soven !~
P.S. -- Check this site out... Till then I would surely have posted again! ;).
P.P.S -- Dunno how large/small the font can get so sorry if it gets a bit difficult to read.

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