Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Evil? I am.

26 July-

Huh. Was randomly typing blog addresses in the address bar and checking out blogs (its amazing that TOTALLY weird names have such amazing blogs!!) when discovered this on a blog. I feel like pasting it here and letting everyone know that FINALLY someone has appreciated my creativity. (Though that’s the idea). Check out what you are and don’t blame me if it turns out you’re some horrible creepy creature from the past. Hahahahaha! Revenge is sweet…

P.S. - uh... Not in what you would call a pleasant mood.

P.P.S- when informed my friend about the ‘gloomy” mood she just laughed in this evil way and said-“when are YOU ever happy and NOT grouchy?” umm…hello…I don’t at all agree with that sentence. When was the last time I was happy? Umm….yeah…that’d be on my birthday. You know what; it was a really good question!

Hi soven .. came to ur blog via ur comment on georgina's .. Yup ! u certainly dont sound pleased.. hope ur bday wasnt too long back ;) btw uve been tagged!
whatever eddie..yea i dont think i actually appreciated georgina's interests..huh. people have gotta do better things than that..
never said anything about u appreciating/sharing her interests..
hmm..i know u dint..but we've got freedom of speech. you mighta heard of tht sumtime or da other.
freedom of speech.. ohh yeah i'm all for it ! i believe i first heard of it in some big debate on freedom and the responsibilities that come with it..
yea yea ok..thanks 4 tht piece of info.
and enough with all the sarcasm.
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