Saturday, July 16, 2005


HT plays for a sucker!

16 July- Well. Another merry -go- round trip. Salman Khan involved in a controversy once AGAIN. God, when is this all going to stop? Seriously, why listen to tapes that are four years old? And why can’t you just leave the poor guy alone? Who even has proof that it’s his voice? I mean, it could be forgery! But that seems unlikely.

Anyways even if he has done this, HT should have broken this piece of news long ago. Why do it now when the guy’s career is going great guns??

And even though I take umbrage at the Salman issue I’m surprised at the fact that Aishwarya was actually worried about him. But I guess that love does that to you. All I can say is that this culminates in one thing: the bollywoodians sure wouldn’t be giving many interviews to HT. Seriously. TOI should seize this opportunity and move in for the kill!

P.S. - HP RELEASES!!! Yippee!!!

Hi soven! I completely agree with you. The whole Salman-Ash story is so been-there-done-that. Give the guy a break!
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