Tuesday, July 05, 2005


I : Selfish, Me: Selfish, Myself: Selfish.

5 July-

Why is it that everyday that there are surprising facts unveiled in my life? If this continues, I might have to declare July as the UNANTICIPATED NEWS month of the year. Really.

Understanding strikes! All this while, I was selfish and being all “me, me, me” in my friendship with said friend. I can finally get an opportunity to tell her “now I know why you’ve been so mean these past weeks”.

I confessed to being guilty and do you know what she said?? “I’ve got used to it now”. In a dejected tone. God, this is physiologically impossible. SHE NEVER ACTS DEJECTED!! Infact she maintains the ‘I’m strong” attitude.

Another thing, my friends say that I maintain this cool dude behavior. Yeah right. I am so cool and calculated that I was just about to lose a good friend!

God, am I mental or what??

P.S. - Remix lovers, you just gotta see today’s episode. The intensity between Yuvraj and Anvesha was mind-blowing!!

i thought the heading was very creative. don't feel too bad. it's very important to give more in a relationship and it all comes back to you.

lotsa love...
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