Sunday, July 31, 2005



31 July-

Hmm... I really believe in this saying (down). It has such a profound impact on you. And thanks to Mridul for the idea of using symbols.
Umm, actually she dint suggest it but I kinda figured out how she does these types of things. So now you can’t accuse me of copying. Cuz I already have your permission. Like I’d really care even if I dint. But hey! At least I did the polite thing.

Ĭƒ ů ĻōVĔ şőMěŧĦiʼnĢ $Ёŧ ıT fřËë

¡F iŤ ćõMêŚ Bǻĉĸ †ό Уόύ їţ Ї§ ЎΌΰŕ$

Ĭƒ !Ť ĐőŚêŋŧ їT NĔvëŕ ẁǺŞ

Anyways, July ends and I can’t say its been pure bliss. Yeah, right, the opposite of that!
Well gotta go. You won’t believe the amount of homework I’ve got to finish. These schoolwallas! I could on and on about them. But then that’s another story...

cool ! nice symbols..the theme of "set them free" has been used pretty frequently in a lot of mushy numbers

and hey btw august's just beginning..
Thanks for the links eddie.
oh and yeah thanks for pointing out that error.
Hey soven...was just reading some of your earlier posts and I'm so glad you're a confident and open minded young woman. Good for you! I think it's completely natural for guys and girls to like each other (well some guys like other guys and similarly for girls and that's okay too!)
But yeah..tell your friends to take a hike next time they try to bog you down with their fuddy duddy ideas. And by the way....thanks for the good wishes. Yeah everyone knows where I've joined - no secrets at my level :) take care!
hey didi..thankU for all the nice comments..well yeah i dont quite agree with such narrow mindedness.
I'm glad that everything is fine for you. tc..:)
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