Monday, August 15, 2005


*Waken up from a refreshing sleep*

15 August-

Hmm…so now my BLOG is being neglected!
There are so many topics to write about but you just have to have that flow of inspiration. I guess my inspiration was having a good ol’ much deserved sleep. But now I’m back! And on what a day!

Happy Independence Day to you all!

Talking of Independence Day, I put this question to my friends (“do you love your country?”) and got some mixed responses. The answers got me thinking and, to tell you the truth, a little disillusioned.
39% said yes, they did and were proud to be Indians. 56% said No (the friends I have are way TOO straight foreword even for their own good) and they would settle abroad while the remaining said they dint care. Poll was conducted by me. (Yes, I do know a lot of people)
Incidentally I am all for the 39% who believe in
Don’t know why the 56% don’t get that sense of patriotism. I feel drained with it sometimes. How could they NOT love their own nation?? Useless people, I tell you. But then, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.
But probably they’re being brought up like that. I do hope some parents are doing their job and teaching their children the right morals and values and NOT giving them expensive things to make up for the time they dint spend. It’s sad but totally true. There are so many examples like that in our own school…

Broaching a new subject, I do get a lot of inspiration from the “Tia-Ranveer love triangle” in Remix. So I typed the following words in MS-WORD

Lost into a dream I’m living
You awakened me from the pain you're giving

I'm walking in the garden of your mind
Hating the thoughts I find

I know you have a heart because you still have mine
And if there's anything worse you're making me pine

I'm living in a dream of me and you
Knowing all along it'll never come true

Black cloaks of deception engulf me, tear me apart
I forgot you still had the key to my heart

I do wish I'd be given one more chance
I know your reality; I'm still in your trance

You awakened me to walk with the dead
The path to death you led

I discover my grave buried deep inside your soul
I have died lonesome and cold

What do you think? Is it nice? When my friend discovered this piece she had to say the following words.” wow!!! Awesome poem. Your best work yet I think. I specially loved the last two lines. Hats off to you Soven! I certainly never could write like that”

*blushes* *gets serious* Funny! Even those are my favorite lines.

I guess that’s enough for now. More later. And by the way for all those people who are wondering who this mysterious S leaving comments is, S is my mom Sphinxy Shelle.( I guess mysterious and intriguing are words which best suit her). It’s really good (no partiality) and much more inspiring and intense a blog than this one could ever be. Love you mom and please continue with the good work.


P.S. - just wondering if I’ve ever mentioned that I’m WAY TOO gung ho about Remix.

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