Monday, August 08, 2005


Exhilaration Strikes!

8 August-

Hey people! I’m back! It’s been a long time since I last blogged (well, technically 7 days but that’s too long in my standards).
So, yesterday was friendship’s day. Yeah. Gosh, I am STILL so excited!!
Today I got banded by 40 people. Get that. 40! I have half a mind to celebrate with chilling Bacardi on the rocks, crunchy peanuts and…..
No need to go on. I can’t do those things so it’s pointless to even think about it.
But I’m really happy. So happy that I cant even type let alone express my gratitude.

My mom has recently created a blog and let me tell you it looks good. Sadly I can’t tell you the blog address as “ it needs to develop and achieve some fullness before it can be broadcasted” .
I fully agree with her. When it does get fully “developed” and has some content” I’ll be sure to post it into one of my links. (Which, by the way, I still don’t know how to do. )

These days my life is pretty boring. I do wish something would stir up!
“A lull before the storm” seems appropriate in describing how I feel. Like EXPLODING. More update on that front. For now, keep guessing!!(Hehe)
And I do hope that “I” realizes that we have had absolutely NO fight and it’s just a misunderstanding.
On that note, I’m signing of! Gotta catch up on my beauty sleep which is recently being neglected. Sayonara!


You do have a way with words.
Am proud of you!

Am prod of my sunshine ! Always will be.

Lots a love

I mean PROUD !!

k..its an occasional error 'S'! thanks for your comments...

and go easy with the commennts, spiritual dude. walls have ears you know.
though i hardly doubt there is any need for walls.
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