Sunday, July 24, 2005


Bachke Rehna Re Baba Mallika Se...

24 July-

Let’s sum up the week with 1 word: disastrous. Really. This time I’m not exaggerating.

First of all, I got my Sanskrit marks and was surprised to see I did really badly in the test.

Hey, no sweat. I dint flunk. Still, I was in one of the top 12 which, let me tell you, was not good. Very inexperienced at this, actually. On top of that, my friend suddenly got major ill and had to be taken to the clinic. When I inquired about her health (through email) she informed me that she was going to be hospitalized for; GET THIS: 15 DAYS. (Unless, of course, she’s pulling a fast one over me. She DOES love doing that. But this time I really sincerely hope she’s fibbing.) I’m praying for your speedy recovery.

Don’t worry there’s a lot more for your wetted appetite. Hmm, so what next? Oh, yeah. I fought with my friend AGAIN! I’m beginning to feel that this is a daily process and if I don’t do something very quickly I’ll not be on speaking terms with her.

And the cherry on the topping would have to be Bachke Rehna Re Baba. What a lousy film!! No wonder, that MMS on Mallika circulated. She sure gives the kind of impression of a person who’s only working in the movies for body-showing and money-earning.

Disgraceful and a shame to the common woman.

I personally feel that she’s different from all the skanks by just ONE thing: her boldness. Seriously. She’s way TOO bold and honest.

And in the end, if that won’t help you survive, then I don’t what will.

P.S.- Happy Belated Birthday to Daniel Radcliffe.

tu kya Harry Putar pe ab bhi fida hai? Strange...i muse
Hmm..would you mind leaving your name please?? Or i might be taking a leaf out of sriramr's blog.
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