Sunday, June 26, 2005


y O y?

26 June-

Aaaaargh! I can’t believe it….school’s starting!!! FROM TOMORROW!!

While it’s going to be cool and all to see friends, still school is SCHOOL. Which spells only one (or maybe 2?) thing(s) for me: NIGHTMARE(S). Seriously, you get into all sorts of fights and if you forget a book you dread (and sweat) as to what is going to happen. You get reprimanded for not doing your homework and sometimes even VICE – VERSA. You have to stand out in the dreadful corridors where occasionally passing by your friends grin, the cleaners, if annoyed, threaten to throw the bin, your enemies make fun but the sight of your headmistress (which is most terrifying of all) makes you run.( while its not all that rhyming it certainly brings out what I had in mind)

If it has its drawbacks it also has its plusses.

School is where you catch the entire buzz, where you enjoy and where you play.

So, yeah, school is kinda fun. Even if we have (ahem I will say this for the first and last time in my life) to study.

So, sayonara holidays and ahoy! School days

P.S.- I couldnt resist the urge to write a second blog about boring, good, old school.

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