Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Singing a different tune?

Well this is the first time that I’ve ever been happy to go to school on the first day. MY DAY WAS AWESOME!! I mean it, it really was soo cool. Catching up with friends, getting to know what he (reference to anyone who comes in our gossip chats) said to her and vice versa, bitching about the teachers and just having plain masti. I tell you, life without school would be so monotonous. The one startling fact I’ve discovered is this: how much I’m dependant on my school. And, btw, school rocks!

For those people who HATE school (as I used to in the bad old days) here are some tips:

  1. Socialize. Possibly the best way to make friends. (And don’t give me that “I’m shy”crap.)
  2. Be patient with people you don’t know. Try to listen to what they’re saying however much it may seem boring to you. People like it when you’re tolerant and immediately warm up to you.
  3. Speaking the truth is an excellent quality that we all must attain, I certainly agree with this sentence a whole lot but there are some parts on which I’m not quite sure. For instance, don’t say what you feel like in people’s faces; it hurts and it’s rude. Try to be a little nicer. (I’d recommend CatEyes try this. You need it gal!)

Well that’s all that I can inform you on (at least for now)…

Remember, being nice is not that hard. If you follow the above “tips” (geez! I’m no expert) you should have friends blossoming at your feet each minute. (Exaggerating as usual). Hope you like this and guys, more comments please on this one especially from the VII-E gals.

So, instead of chanting my old motto: SCHOOL SUCKS

I’ve invented a far more superior and unique one: SCHOOL ROCKS!

P.S. - Yeah, yeah, I know it’s a bit cheesy but if it translates the musings of my brain I have no problem.

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