Saturday, June 25, 2005


REMIX(Star One)

25 June-

Hmm…if you’re wondering what the title suggests then I’d only have to comment that on the Jungian tree of being cool you’re way down at the roots. Hello??

This popular show is raising the TRP’s day by day.

In a nutshell, it’s basically the life of teenagers who come to study to the most elite school of India, that is, Maurya High.

There are four main characters to this story:

Tia Ahuja- she has the wrong impression that the world revolves around her and her “angels” (read: two stupid girls who try to mimic her in every way). The most important things in her life are clothes, makeup and her papa. With the arrival of the next characters (see down) Tia becomes less childish and slowly realizes how it is to understand her needs, whims and fancies.

Ranveer Sisodia- the typical Rajput guy, he has only one purpose in mind: seeking revenge from Tia’s father, Sumit Ahuja, whom he believes is the cause to his father’s suicide. Highly matured for his age, he figures in giving everyone a second chance.

His determination to take revenge is put to a test when he inevitably falls in love with Tia.

Yuvraj Dev- the brat of the millennium, he is probably the most self centered guy in the entire school. His father, a controlling politician, never lets of a chance to put him down. Slowly but surely, Yuvi begins to hate him. His only escape from his wretched life is music which he loves eats and breathes.

Anvesha Banerjee Ray- When we talk of Anvesha we talk of downright skeptical attitude, inspiringly funny words (Hey Bhaggu! As in Hey Bhagwan and Duhuh!) And coolness. Seriously, she has brought back the meaning of cool. Daughter of a stunning actress; she suffers a terrible complex from her star mom and never takes a chance to put her down. Anvesha delights in appalling people with her outrageous behavior and loves to be branded as the “bad girl of Maurya high”. She definitely though has got her heart in the right place and ultimately is the one to tame the brat Yuvi.

Certain circumstances in life force them to create a famous band called “remix”. Enemies from day one, they would’ve have liked nothing to do with each other but later on they become conscious of the importance of each member and treat them almost like themselves

This show focuses on the teenage pangs inflicted on children and how, as a teenager, the child is most difficult to control.
P.S.- I just couldnt help writing about them...they're soo awesome!

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