Friday, June 24, 2005




  1. The secret to staying younger is having positive thoughts
  2. The measure by which you love is the measure by which you forgive


He stood there frustrated

His heart wrenching from the pain

She left him alone

He wondered if he would ever be sane

The hurt penetrated his body

And left him numb

He finally realized what he had done

Losing all control he ripped himself apart

With unusual calmness he looked about

His time was running out

Wouldn’t he be given that one chance to prove himself right?

Wouldn’t he be given that re-assuring glance to ascertain he would be her knight?

He looked bitter with self disgust

Dying a painful death was a must

He thought back to the things she said

Which filled him with an everlasting dread

If she could see him now

She would compare

She’d look sorrowful

But nevertheless brush her hair

He wouldn’t blame her for the sarcasm

For all the unkind things she would do

He deserved it more than she knew

Excruciating pain was now his best friend

Time can never mind…

There’s no comfort in the truth

Nor in lies

But there’s a difference

The latter are easier to hide

And now as he lies a broken shell

He thought back to her motto:

“Love one, love all”

Believing this was his greatest downfall

Ok, so wasn’t that a dumb poem? Well, I guess it wasn’t that deep as I wrote it in the night. You see, I am having temporary insomnia so crouching in the bathroom with the not so piercing light and writing in my note pad really has become my cup of tea. Strange, you would muse. An Aquarian as I am fond of sayingis unpredictable. Thought I’d put this anyway just to get all the mails saying how childish it was.

Hey! That doesn’t mean I’m really childish. No way. Well yea there are sometimes when I insist on getting my way. But, that’s normal.

Anyways I’m in quite a good mood today so I’d better not spoil yours by droning on and on about myself. So, lets get down to basics: which is it was my mom’s bday. Like on the 18th. I know, I know this is a way too long update but what to do? These stupid schoolwallas (read: school staff) have mounted us with heaps of homework.

Anyways getting back to the topic she’s looking as gorgeous as she did on the 17th. What I mean is that she might have aged one more year but she still looks the same

Analyzing the age factor I would say that if you have positive thinking then your heart stays positive. So when you feel older then naturally the glow from the face goes. Therefore, the biggest remedy to stay young (and I’m not talking about putting Fair and Lovely) is: think young and positive.

Lets take my mom for example: I personally wouldn’t tell my moms age (hey! I don’t want to be bombarded with pillows) but I can exclusively reveal that she is the new Jacqueline Onassis on the block.

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