Sunday, June 26, 2005


Harry Potter 1 Review

Have you heard about the Harry Potter Contest that was going on? Well, I submitted my entry. This is what its like:

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (wordage 145)

Harry’s world revolves around his aunt, uncle and Cousin Dudley’s repugnant features

Needless to say, despicable and loathsome creatures

They delight in aggravating him; they glare at him with complete revulsion

A surreptitious secret is covered with cloaks of deception

Even more significant than what Mrs. No 7 is wearing

They desperately shield it fearing

The scandalous whispers that would be on the round

If the inside-scoop on Harry was found

Then, viola! Harry’s life takes a rapid change for the better

Leaving the Dursleys, gnashing their teeth, trying to pull themselves together

He discovers that he is a wizard

The Dursleys deny this saying it’s absurd

He uncovers the true meaning of impudence

This makes him a proper Hogwarts student

Jo’s enthralling debut novel is a scream

It is every author’s dream

Enchanting, daunting and suspenseful

This is a must read for every individual

Aint it grand? Well, ok, I admit that this is NOT my best. I know for a fact that I do have the potential. But still, I thought I'd try. Please tell me how it is. All my completely lazy friends have got no blogs so an email from all of you would be nice...
Buhbye, you lazy bufoons.
P.S.- For the mentally challenged, I think what I wrote write now is just a little joke but if you guys dont feel that way then I'm sorry.

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