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29 May- How would you feel if you were surrounded with loads of scrumptious food delicately embracing you with their aroma? And, especially, if you were a foodie? And, specially, if you visited Delhi’s most expensive restaurant BUKHARA?

You would be going “Mmmm”, undoubtedly, like me. Hey, how come my pals dint tell me about this place? It’s like a dream and you would be extremely foolish if you dint visit it even ONCE in your lifetime. Am I right or am I right?

Well all I can say is if you haven’t been there you’re missing something.

Their specialty is making their own Naan which they call “FAMILY NAAN” and you can savor it by paying a meager 700. Oh-ok that was a joke. The prices are exorbitant but the food makes up for it all. So, my advice to people bored on a Sunday night and with enough money to burn a hole in their pocket is this: Visit Bukhara (Maurya Sheraton). You will notice that your wallet is unusually light but your stomach is bulging with all the food that you ate/attacked.

So, Bukhara would get the rating (though I’m no expert and certainly no judge): 9/10

Visit it sometime and you might just come face to face with Bill Clinton! Who knows?

28 May- I was looking up completely useless stuff on the internet when I suddenly remembered an article that my dad had written about Britney Spears. (Check it out at it was about how many people hated Britney for “stealing the charts from women who could perform much better than her” and being “horrified that she was influencing young girls who were actually looking up to her as a role model”.

Ok, so I can agree that the things she does are really NOT COOL and she is a terrible role model but come on, give the girl a break, she’s only, what, 22? Mistakes happen with everyone, it’s just that she keeps making them with no effort to work on improving.

The “mistakes” are:

- Dressing as if she doesn’t have enough to wear and practically prancing around in her underwear.

-Lip syncing on stage while she’s supposed to be LIVE.

-Everything, practically, about her is fake. She wears hair extensions, has had breast implants (in spite of her denying she’s not. I mean, come on, no one jumps from size A to D in a year), and even her public image is fake (“ I don’t smoke, drink and I’m a virgin)

- She treats her fans like crap that’s why she’s stuck with the name Bitchney sneers.

There’s a whole load of reasons more why she’s made so many people angry. Enough probably to intensely dislike her, but not hate. C’mon, she's not THAT BAD. Its her life and if she doesn’t want to listen, can we do anything? But I guess I was wrong and my suspicions were confirmed when I typed in google I HATE BRITNEY SPEARS and my Gosh! She has more hate sites dedicated to her than Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden.

But I don’t want to kill her. I’m sure many people will not agree and its because of them that the site has been created. Well all I can say is that she’s young and has a lot to learn. But if she continues to be like she’s now I can guarantee she wont have many supporters and I certainly will be among them.

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