Sunday, May 15, 2005


gosh! It is a long time after I’m writing my blog. If this continues, I might have to denounce it! Ha-ha.

Music’s my passion. Indian idol Abhijeet Sawant sure has churned out a superb song!

Faakhir’s Maahi Ve is already a favorite. And, of course, who can forget Kelly Clarkson’s (American Idol) breakaway.

These artists are amazing! If you haven’t heard of them (which is unlikely) and are itching to get your hands on a new CD labeled “COOL” by all the popular kids the above are the ones for you. The music’s worth it.

Reading has always been my first love. If you, like me, are a Harry potter fan and cant wait for the 6 Harry potter and the half-blood prince, I say good luck and long wait!

If you, unlike me, do NOT read Harry potter then I recommend you take it up. “It’s awesome” are fans favorite quotes which is rightly said

Anyways, who watches remix? C’mon, don’t tell me you don’t! It is the NEW GEN-Y serial. I mean, EVERYON WATCHES IT!

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