Monday, May 16, 2005


Communication Skills

I really wonder if summer is a time to enjoy or worry about the workload heaped on us called: holiday homework”. Agreed, some of it in small amounts is mandatory and useful for us we do not need the extra option. This if you ask me is what makes homework no fun at all. It should be interesting and short but educational and I won’t believe you when you say topics like these are very difficult to find. This you see is why we are such a mixed up generation. Cuz no one tries to understand us and see that we have our views too which may seem silly at that time but further on, who knows?

I’m no Subhash Chandra Bose to keep on droning about what the Indian society lacks. Although his points were actually right and that time it was a much serious situation. Also, I really respect him so I guess I take that back.

Communication skills are the most imp to start any friendship. Hey, I just took advice from the expert. In any case, my and Tara (she’s my dads childhood friends daughter) are really hitting it off. She’s in America and I in India but still we correspond with each other through email. And we’ve met only ONCE.

Guess that’s a big e.g.

Tomorrow is Judgment Day. Not for me but for dear daddy.

Can’t update you on that front. More later.

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