Wednesday, May 25, 2005


19-25 MAY *the whole week*

19 May -25May


1. Stop wasting water. Soon, there will be nothing to waste .

2. A person can be judged by how he treats his inferiors not his equals.

3. Friends can make you successful but enemies can make you very successful

25 May- Very slow day. My friends have recently created their email accounts and mostly all of them have done it at Hotmail! I ask you, what is so great about that service? Is it just the name or what?? I asked my friend about this and she said in a know it all voice-“ You know, Yahoo! Is meant for older “businessy” people whilst Hotmail is for the younger generation”

Full crap! Does she even know what’s she talking about?? Take a Midol, pal, you seriously need it.

24 May- what is with my friends??? They seriously can’t make up their minds.

The reason for my frustration and bemusement is that all of us were planning to meet sometime today. One second, I’m all ready and glowing in the periwinkle outfit I’ve worn and the second the tremulous ring of the phone is heard.

It was not my friend, asking for the directions to my house or another one asking what she should get. Instead it was to tell me that her relatives had dropped by unexpectedly so she would be unable to come. She also informed that my other friend also couldn’t come because of the travel problem. I put the phone down with a bang and the next second it ran again. Over the ringing I said loudly” lets hear their excuses” and picked it up with a bellow. “Uh Soven, your in a right mood” squeaks the said friend and further went on to tell me that she couldn’t ALSO come as her family had made a hurried decision to see the horror flick Naina. I curse that film! May it flop! May whoever who sees it say it’s a crappy film!

23 May- Today, I spent nearly the whole day completing my Cloning project. What are the risks of Cloning, what animals have been cloned, should humans be cloned etcetera.

What a cool animal that Dolly was. Unfortunately, at that time I was sadly not even aware of her existence and now that I am she is DEAD. Boohoo!

22 May- I have to conclude that today was possibly the dreariest day ever! At least for me. Researched today on the internet for my science project based on Cloning and my history project on how India faces many challenges as a socialist, democratic and secular state. WHEW!! Too much. Drafted it all out and freed myself for the day repeating to myself( I was feeling guilty) that I’d finish it by tomorrow.

In the night we saw an excellent show called Padmalakshmi. The show basically emphasizes on one thing: be what you are. Don’t change yourself for others.”

Very touching and true. The girl who played the main role was Pallavi of Remix serial. Unfortunately I don’t know her name so Pallavi she will remain.

21 May- My friends Gautam and Ishita came to “Home sweet home” today and we spent time catching up and reminiscing. All in all a very satisfying day.

20 May- I am a music buff, plain and simple. Recently heard the song of film Dus and , needless to say, am gaga over it. Also made plans with friends to catch up with each other and then go shopping, after that a treat at Cum Sum, our local restraint. Will be fun. I’m soo looking forward to it!!!

19 May- This is really funny! A girl, her id girl_mad4u is troubling my friends, though troubling is not the word maybe stalking. She sends mails to them saying “ I know what you did last graduating class; you like him but he will betray you” and so on and so forth.

Whoa, gal, you’ve seen I know what you did last summer film way too may times. I know what you did last graduating class?? Yeah, that’d be got wasted, or worse smoked a cigarette or even worse broke up with my boyfriend! Haha..I told my friends to send mails suggesting that but they got all worried and said this was not the time to joke.

This is a piece of cake

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