Sunday, March 27, 2005


Lkme Fashion House

Note: there has occured a problem for various reasons.So, you can understand that the blog for the 27th is below the blog for the 28th.

It was a really boring day today...though, in the night things did take a turn for the better. There’s this show I’m addicted to (besides Remix) called Lakme Fashion House. It is a reality show in which people, all over from India, are invited to show their designs and be judged and they could be the ones who get to go to Milan to the house Of Donatella Versace!!! The judges are Sandeep Khosla and Abu Jani, two reputed designers of India. 16 designers were selected and they all will have to overcome the hurdles of the show to reach their destiny…Out of 16 of them, only 6 are left. The final elimination of the show happened today. And, guess what, all of them are the ones that I liked best! The winner has been announced. But still, I feel it’s necessary that we see it even though the show will be over on next Sunday. Sundays are gonna get back to what they use to be: boring and dull.

Oh Lakme Fashion House, did you have to end soo soon?

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