Saturday, March 26, 2005


Congratulations on the existence of Blog

Today is the first day of my blog...I seriously dont know what to write! It seems a bit awkward knowing that someone will be reading this and getting to know about my personal life...but at the end, thats why it exists, right?
Today was holi ( a festival in which people play with colours, water and to an extent EGGS!!, incase, you dint know) and we all had SOO much fun! We were practically looking like those Witch tribe people( and sounding like them, too!), the ones with the painted faces and bloodcurdling shrieks.The yowls emnating from us were enough for the whole neighbourhood to come out of their homes and join in the fun! And, let me tell you, we were undistinguishable after a Funfilled ten minutes.
I'm siting here all cleaned up and writing out my day, so far, to you! of my freaky friends are at the door...will have to say bye for the moment, till next time, Sayonara!

hi, soven

we are very proud of your foray into the wonderful world of internet. with your blog, i am sure you will be able to connect to a huge world out there, a world full of nice people who all want to be touched.

enjoy blogging, and keep it cool...
lotsa love...

mom and dad
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